Jackie Rafter
B.Ed, MBA, R.H.N. (hon’s), FDN, MTA*

Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Director

FDN Mentor – Canada

Jackie’s lifelong passion for whole-body health and wellness has bridged 20+ years in the corporate world as a serial entrepreneur and human resource professional to a registered holistic nutritionist, functional diagnostic nutritionist and founder of Liv Long Inc. Liv Long Inc. is a Canadian based longevity & wellness center focusing on functional diagnostic nutrition, root cause identification and health education for individuals and organizations. Jackie and her team enthusiastically teach people to empower themselves to identify their own healing opportunities to achieve optimum wellness.

Jackie’s experience and enthusiasm in practicing FDN protocols has fueled her passion to “put FDN on the map in Canada” and assist other practitioners to help people get well and stay well naturally with this unique and exciting approach to root cause identification and optimum wellness.  She continues to do this as an FDN Mentor where she is helping FDN students in Canada learn diagnostic nutrition and become certified practitioners.

Jackie is also a certified Metabolic Typing Advisor who uses continuing education to stay current with the latest nutrition and wellness developments. This is facilitated by course work, international conferences and regular dialogue with FDN and health and medical practitioners internationally.


  • RHN = Registered Holistic Nutritionist
  • FDN = Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist
  • MTA = Metabolic Typing Advisor