How to take Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C

This video demonstrates how to take Lypo-Spheric (liposomal) Vitamin C from LivOn Labs. Do not mix, blend, stir or use hot beverages when consuming liposomal supplements. It may damage the liposome structure. We’ve found that, for most people, the easiest way is to squeeze the…

Vitamin C – Heart Health Link

For the past 100 years or so, scientific articles have been flooding in showing the many risk factors for heart disease like elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and so on.  There is little if any doubt these risk factors contribute to heart disease, and…

Vitamin C and The Flu

“Now this is a story of a man, a dairy farmer who came back from the dead. Doctors were all set to turn off his life-support but his family refused to give up. They demanded the hospital try high doses of vitamin C. Well, as…

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