Vitamin C and Muscle Recovery

Vitamin C and  Muscle Recovery If you’ve kicked up the intensity of your workout, pushed yourself in endurance training, or strained your arms lifting weights, your muscles are likely to be sore the next day.  These changes in your daily routine cause tiny tears in…

Vitamin C According to Merriam Webster

Historically, we’ve been taught, as Merriam Webster proclaims, that Vitamin C prevents and treats scurvy.  The inference is that if you take just a little bit regularly, scurvy will never be a problem.  Well, that is absolutely true.  Although small doses of Vitamin C alleviate the visible signs of Vitamin C deficiency, like scurvy, it doesn’t address the invisible needs of our bodies that higher doses will solve.

What are Liposomes?

So what are liposomes, exactly? Liposomes are bilayer (double-layer), liquid-filled bubbles made from phospholipids. Over 50 years ago, researchers discovered that these spheres could be filled with therapeutic agents and used to protect and deliver these agents into the body and even into specific cells…