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The company truly cares about your well being and quality

5.0 rating
May 24, 2018

These supplements are totally worth the price. Take a few extra if you feel a cold coming on and it will curb any cold/flu. If you don’t realize in time just take lots while sick and it will durastically shorten the duration. I noticed huge differences in my health while taking these supplements and have even converted my roommates into loving them as well. We rely on ALWAYS having them around our house!! You will truly feel a difference with these products, the company and manufacturers really do care about health.

Janelle Braid

LivLong, The Empitome Of Professionalism, Customer Service, And a Superior Product Line

5.0 rating
May 16, 2018

This site is nicely laid out, a joy to peruse for its simple navigational method, its educational features and easy shopping . That’s all well and good, but in addition, it’s LivOn’s patented Lypo-Spheric delivery system of their product line that makes it stand out from all the rest, not to mention their 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee. Furthermore, if board certified cardiologist Thomas E. Levy, who has studied and published extensively on vitamin C, independently recommends LivOn’s vitamin C as the most bio available form of oral vitamin C, then it’s got to be good.

Peter Johnson

The customer really does come first at LivLong

5.0 rating
May 4, 2018

I’ve enjoyed the privilege of being involved with LivLong from when they first began developing their business and providing Canadians with the LivOn Labs product line. From the very beginning their focus was on the best interests of their customers. Every aspect – from the products they carry, to the shipping they provide, to the sales, to the coupons, to the online shopping – everything is considered and planned according to providing the best customer experience.
The products alone are worth the purchase, but the customer satisfaction LivLong provides make it an investment in your own personal wellness.
Highly recommended!

James H.

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