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Carnitine and Depression: a missing piece to the puzzle?

Thanks to mental health advocates, research funds and resources are being allocated to pathologies such as depression. Traditional approaches to manage depression often fall short. For this reason there is a large body of research on natural ways to combat depressive symptom. One area of interest is that of the role of carnitine is both onset and symptomatic relief. This article dives into the current research that shows low ALCAR levels are found in a large percent of people who experience depression, and the positive effects of supplemental ALCAR on depression symptoms. 

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Supercharge Your Workout With Carnitine
Who doesn't want to make the most of their workouts? Carnitine has been used by the fitness industry for years and modern science has finally confirmed the benefits. It helps burn fat, increase performance and improve recovery time in everyone ranging from elite athletes to weekend warriors- continue reading to see how ALCAR can supercharge your workouts.

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Carnitine: The Metabolism Molecule

Establishing and maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging. Compound this with altered physiology and hormones as we age and hitting the ideal weight for our bodies can be a source of frustration. ALCAR has been used as a clinical agent for weight loss by practitioners across a variety of disciplines due to its role in fat metabolism and for increasing the efficiency of exercise. This article discusses these concepts and why we aptly call ALCAR the metabolism molecule

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