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Carnitine: The Metabolism Molecule

Establishing and maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging. Compound this with altered physiology and hormones as we age and hitting the ideal weight for our bodies can be a source of frustration. ALCAR has been used as a clinical agent for weight loss by practitioners across a variety of disciplines due to its role in fat metabolism and for increasing the efficiency of exercise. This article discusses these concepts and why we aptly call ALCAR the metabolism molecule

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Can Vitamin C Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles? Science says yes!!

Wrinkles are part of the natural trajectory of aging. The rate at which they form, and how deep they appear to be are two factors that we the power to control. This article takes a look into the factors that contribute to fine lines and wrinkles, what collagen is, the role it plays and how to preserve this vital protein! We then dive into a clinical study done on the ability of Lypo-Spheric® Vitamin C to improve markers of aging- because, science is important! 

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Vitamin C - Heart Health Link
At the root of heart disease is inflammation. More accurately, focal inflammation also known as focal scurvy. Focal Scurvy is a deficiency Vitamin C in a specific tissue. When this happens a cascade of reactions occurs promoting disease, continue reading to get an in-depth understanding of this process

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